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Writing tips? You might be able to write a successful novel without my help… but my ADVICE & EXPERIENCE will make it BETTER and a whole lot EASIER!

Mark Timlin

Dear Friend,

My name is Mark Timlin. You may have heard of me.

I have written 30 novels and all of them have been published. I've appeared in bestseller lists, sold books all over the world, and had them translated into countless languages. I inspire change!

My books featuring series character Nick Sharman were made into a successful series of major television movies starring Clive Owen. I tell the time on a genuine Rolex wristwatch and I drive a 1998 Lincoln Town car. I am the real deal.

Look me up on Amazon. Search for me on Google.

They say that there's a novel inside everyone. Will your novel ever come out or will you spend the rest of your life trying, failing and wishing you'd had the right help?

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I have what you've been waiting for!

In my brand new guide
Write A Novel in 60 Days That Will Sell

I will teach you:

The nuts and bolts of the writing process: how to get started, how to plot (or not!), and what it takes to finish that novel…

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How I and other top writers get story ideas.
How to make your characters live on the page – the secrets other authors will never tell you!
How anybody can write convincing dialogue instantly – two unique methods that work every time!
What to do when the ideas won't come.
What publishers are really looking for… and how to give it to them.
Green tick How to make publishers and agents 150% more likely to want to read YOUR manuscript.

...and lots, lots more valuable information you'll not find anywhere else. Looking for writing tips? Look no further. Write A Novel In 60 Days is the complete guide to writing a novel that WILL SELL. What's the use of writing something no one will ever read?

I will reveal the secrets that top writers like STEPHEN KING, J.K. ROWLING, DAN BROWN, TOM CLANCY, IAN RANKIN and PATRICIA CORNWELL use to write novels that sell millions. I can't make you into a good writer – no one can do that – but if you are capable of writing a novel, then my guide will give you the power to write it and write it well.

Write A Novel In 60 Days That Will Sell is not just about Mystery books. I may be known as a Crimewriter, but in my time I've written just about everything and this guide is for every single person who aspires to write. Whether it be Crime or Mystery, Adventure, Family Sagas, Romances, anything – and I even help you decide what kind of novel you should be writing.

If only I'd had something like Write A Novel In 60 Days That Will Sell to help me when I first started! Before I wrote my first novel, I was flat broke, out of work and living on a friend's abandoned bus. I'd not written so much as a shopping-list before then.

A Good Year For The Roses was published, incredibly well-received, sold lots and set me up in a career that has been rewarding – in every sense of the word – ever since. In the 20 years that followed, I've learned an awful lot more about the secrets of writing. Let me share my knowledge (and quite a few tricks of the trade) with you.

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With all the craziness I have seen on the Internet, I would expect you to be a little sceptical, and I don't blame you one little bit. But I wouldn't be happy if I let your scepticism stand in the way of the writing success I know you can achieve.

So, because I want to prove to you that my guide is exactly as I say it is, I'll take all the risk and let you reap the rewards.

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Mark Timlin

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Come on – you'll spend more than that on junk food this week! Why not use the money to make your dreams come true?

Start writing that book today!
Looking forward to working with you…
All the very best,

Mark Timlin

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Yes Mark, I want to write that novel. I'm fed up of being a pre-published author. I want a shot at the big time!

P.P.S. If you have any difficulty downloading or using the guide please contact the BestDigitaleBooks.com support team, who know a lot more about it than I do! They will be happy to help you out and their email address is support@bestdigitalebooks.com. They will answer all email within 24 hours, usually much sooner, and contact me as necessary.

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